Steps to Starting with SEO

The First Steps to Starting with SEO

SEO content writing is a booming, lucrative field. We offer SEO services that can help local businesses to increase their page visibility. Local SEO content writer helps businesses and other individuals with pages. These articles discuss some of the basics in beginning to write for SEO.

Search Engine Optimization


What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization, SEO, describes the way a search engine pulls up the information a user searches and which page goes to the top of the list. Users go to search for information not fully understanding what the answer is. We have all used search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, but some people do not realize that their are people behind the scenes who manipulate and create to help their pages go to the top. The job of SEO is to make sure you appear important and relevant to the user and potential customers.


It’s about the users, not the engines


The ultimate goal is for you to go to the top, but you can sometimes focus on the search engine, not the user. We will discuss search algorithms later. The user is more important, because they are the person you want to see your page. You need to understand that the user comes to the computer with a goal in mind, and you want to be that goal. We will discuss this topic in more detail later in our article on site metrics.

First, a user wants to find an answer. They come to the computer and put words together, called “the query.” This query pulls up results, which they will scroll through. If the user is not happy, then they will refine their results. You need to understand what people are searching for and what keywords you need to include to make sure your page goes to the top. There is much more to SEO, but understanding the user is important.

Search engine optimization

Common Sense Advice to Using SEO


The search engine has become more important over the years. People are using the internet for purchasing everything, from clothing to restaurants, and to find reviews. Users do not scroll through pages and pages of results. They are drawn to results at the top of the list. Let’s face it, who wants to search through all those pages of results. Being at the top of the list makes users feel like your page is relevant, worthy, and important.

SEO is needed for any company to ensure their pages find a relevant place on the results list. SEO can be a powerful tool to help companies increase their internet reputation and improve their bottom line. Search engines drive offline and online economics, so the results can be important to a company’s profit. A nifty tip to remember is that most users do not click on the paid links at the top. They would rather search the organic results generated from the search.