Market Your Company On A Budget

online marketing strategies

Is your internet company working on a limited budget? Who isn’t. Here are some helpful tips to keep the money you spend down.


You need to publish good content. Good content is the benchmark for any great business. Are you someone who isn’t strong in this area? Find someone on your team who is. Give him or her some added responsibility. Come up with content that you want to include on a regular basis. Once you do this, have this person pound it out. Your content needs to get your message across without saying a whole lot. Most people don’t want to read your life story. Most are even interested in your life story. People just want to know what you offer and why they should get it from you. Your content needs be modeled after this.


This might sound trite, but it will pay off in spades. If you aren’t good with doing instructional videos, look on Craigslist. Look at other places like this. Find someone who is good at doing these types of videos. The next thing you should do is post it on Youtube. If you are like me, you live on Why not put this to good use?

This is also a good way to drive traffic. Someone clicks on your instructional video on Youtube, they could be a new customer. This person could end up being interested in what you offer. It might cost some money upfront, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.


more business with SEO You don’t want to nickel and dime the advertising, but you don’t want to skimp on it either. Look on different places. There are web hosting companies who will offer special codes and coupons for using them. If they offer what you need, then align yourself with companies like this. The advertising will pay for itself. The greatest way to get more traffic on your website is to look into an SEO company. Companies like Managed Admin are  focused on growing ROI for small businesses and offer SEO services without a contract.


I’m not talking about going outside to a club and chatting up your company to people; although, this won’t hurt. Be visible on social media outlets. Use places like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Don’t have an account. It’s in your best interest to create one and put it out there. You’ll get hits from people you never even knew where out there.

You also might want to try Google Plus and Linkedln. These sites are gold for businesses and business owners. Depending on who your contacts are, you might be opening some doors you never knew where there.

You have to put yourself out there as a business owner. You can’t just wait for it to happen. If you don’t, you could be saying goodbye to certain opportunities. Opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.